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Overview - Holidays

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There are many holidays celebrated throughout Lantai and several specifically in Fairhame. Here is a list of the most popular holidays and celebrations in Fairhame. If you have an idea for a holiday celebrated in another part of Lantai or the world, please contact Jess Bledsoe at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The holidays fall loosely in the month. If a game is scheduled in that month it is possible that the holiday will be celebrated that game.


  • Fairhame Founder's Festival (April): A grand celebration in Fairhame, the Founder's Festival is one not to miss. Many fine merchants and artisans come from far and wide to Fairhame proper to sell their wares. Other traditions include large dragon pinatas to signify the vanquished dragons of the Bluestone Mine and a Great Stag hunt. The Great Stag is a totemic beast summoned and released for the hunt. The winning hunter brings back the stags horns. The day usually ends with songs around a fire and tales of glory.

  • King's Day (summer): This is the annual Aettlund celebration of King Gordian the III. Fairhame celebrates the King's birthday with an all-day “festivale.” The day's events include a Queen of Beauty Court, Fools Tourney, May Pole, and various games of skill.

  • End of Harvest (called Autumn Moon in Fairhame) (September): The harvest is celebrated throughout Lantai. In Aettlund this day is celebrated with a feast, called Harvest Supper, giving thanks to the Gods and Goddess of the pantheon as well as Shamanic Totems. In some locations pageants are put on where the players dress as the Pantheon.

  • Autumn Remembrance (November): This holiday is celebrated throughout many cultures and races all with a general remembrance of those who have passed on before us. Some set vigil all night lighting candles and burning incense. Others take long pilgrimages to temples of Iggun and Yael. More jovial celebrations include preparing large feasts of the favorite foods of their ancestors. In many Dwarven clans this is the night the Book of Grudges is read aloud. This is also the night of the thinning of the veil, when Fey throughout the land are taken by the Night of Death (please see the Fey Handbook for more information).