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Overview - Bestiary

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This will serve as a bestiary of monsters known to exist in the region. It is not exclusive. New monsters can happen. It is not set in stone. Some monsters may fall outside of the ranges shown. Your character might notice if a monster falls outside of these parameters, and may react accordingly.


Please do not use this as a metagaming tool, but rather as a gaming tool. (no arguing stats with refs/crewbosses, but noticing something is tough/weak and reacting appropriately In Game!!!)


The goblinoid races are typically vile, nasty creatures, tribal in nature. They are usually evil, or at least lawless. Goblinoids are often found enjoying a good pillage or raid, and are very inclined to wage war.

Descended from the children of Stride, the different races of goblinoid typically detest humanoids and seek to further their own aims with no thought as to consequences on others, unless their heads make good decorations for pike-poles.

There are only two goblinoid races that have created successful half breeds with humanoids, ogres and orcs. The other goblinoid races have proven to be genetically incompatible for breeding with humanoids

ORCS: Green in tinge, ugly of face, with features reminiscent of a pig, an orc is a formidable foe. Martial and tribal by nature, the orcs live to make war, raising themselves higher in the eyes of their “god”. They have a limited class structure, and the ability to use most skills.
Intelligent: yes

GOBLINS: Goblins are lesser cousins of orcs, spindly, skinny, and vicious. They are often green, sometimes short, and are also martial and tribal by nature. They are seldom friendly with orcs, but have been known to band with them when hated enemies are available to make war upon. Goblins come in many classes and can use most skills.
Intel: yes
There are rumors of a tougher, more cunning goblin sighted in deep caverns, but so far this is merely conjecture.

OGRES: Red skinned, large, and ugly. Ogres are even more war-craving than Orcs, and dumber on the whole. They have a limited class structure, and access to most skills…though literacy is incredibly rare. Within an Ogre tribe, there will be a chieftain, the mightiest of them. There will also be several champions, those who have risen by blood in the ranks of the warriors. There will be a few shaman as well.
Intel: yes

GNOLLS: Gnolls are dog faced, lanky, and cranky. Less tribal than pack-bound, they follow one leader, with a strict pecking order in the pack. They are cunning and shifty, and will use their pack tactics to great effect. Gnolls can access most of the classes and skills, though most are generic warriors. Costume is in earth tones, and lots of fur. A canid muzzle may be evident.
Intel: yes
Attacks: By weapon or claw

MINOTAURS: The Minotaurs are similar to the mythical bull creature, manlike in appearance, but with a bovine head. They are quiet, stoic, but quick to anger. Once enraged, a minotaur is a force to be reckoned with. The fact that they sometimes travel in bands is a source of consternation for those unfortunate enough to face them.
Intel: yes

CYCLOPIANS: Cyclopians are, as their name suggests, one eyed creatures. Resembling humans in many ways, Cyclopians are brutish and stupid. They look upon the humanoid races with disdain, thinking themselves superior in every way. They fight, travel, and live in family clans.
Intel: yes

GIANT: Giants are huge humanoid creatures, towering over normal people. They typically are bearded, and hate dwarves above anything else in all the world. They are intelligent and cunning, and mighty in battle. Their society is tribal, and both sexes are warriors and leaders.
Intel: yes

TROLL: Trolls are humanoid and ugly creatures. They are large, spindly, and nasty. They are incapable of human speech, although there are occasional intelligent specimens…which should be feared. Trolls can regenerate any damage taken, unless harmed by fire or acid. They are varietous of look, from brown to green to yellowish, but always ugly. Trolls are known for their very long arms (we use long boffer weapons to rep their lanky strikes)
Intel: Animal, but with some rare goblinoid intel.

ETTERCAP: The Ettercap is a goblinoid creature related to a spider. Grey to black in coloration, with spindly arms and a 3 fingered hand, they are animalistic in intelligence level. Ettercaps hunt in packs, and have a primitive webbing ability. They are most at home in dark places, and are often seen in the company of spiders.
Intel: Animal
Attacks: claws, web (greater entangle), poison.
Defense: Natural armor

SKAVEN: Rat like humanoids, the skaven are often mistaken for wererats. Indeed, they can occasionally be found together. Skaven are somewhat intelligent, and breed like the vermin they resemble. They are able to use tools, and have spellcasters. Worst among the skaven are their tinkerers, the engineer-priests that create their war machines. Most skaven are eradicated when found, and the last army in the Known Lands was defeated over 200 years ago, their entire nation ground under the heel of Negurru’s army, with Barbarian tribes supporting. As such, they are currently quite rare in the world. The most frightening thing about the Skaven, is their belief in immortality through reincarnation…they are quite willing to die en masse for a cause, confident they will return either as a spirit stone, another skaven, or as the ultimate in skaven society: a magical weapon. When Skaven swarm, they are much more difficult a foe.
Intel: yes

TASLOI: The Tasloi are a frog-like race of goblinoids, often found in swampy areas. They are, as many goblinoids, tribal in nature, and territorial. Their warriors are vicious, and will seek dominance over any new being encountered, either verbally or by force of arms.
Intel: yes

GARGOYLE: A magical creature of stone, the Gargoyle is often used as a guardian of treasure, sacred sites, or other places of importance. Gargoyles are only semi-intelligent, able to follow simple commands, but unable to communicate. Gargoyles found in the wild are ambush predators, blending into stone and awaiting the passage of prey.
Intel: Semi (uncharmable)
Attacks: by weapon and skill, or claw/fist for 3
Defense: Natural armor, some elemental resistance, and resistance to normal weaponry

DOPPLEGANGER: The doppleganger is a nasty creature, able to assume the form of any other humanoid. Its features can magically alter in a mere heartbeat, and its control over body mass is so great as to be able to simulate the clothing and equipment of the one it would mimic. Dopplegangers are exceedingly rare, denizens of an unknown place. Legend has it that they are a sick gift to the world from the God of Chaos.
Intel: yes

GRIMLOCK: Primitive creatures, the grimlocks are also known as Thunders, and more recently as Chin-man-zees. They are either gray or bluish in hue, and are savage and tribal, with a pecking order…more of a pack than a tribe, really. Their brutality is matched only by their strength and stupidity, though they do have a grasp of battle tactics and the use of tools and weapons.
Intel: Animal





Werebeasts are cursed with lycanthropy, and on a full moon will involuntarily change shape to resemble a member of the animal kingdom. They become more savage reflections of themselves, and their infectious bite propagates the curse. Nobody knows the nature of the first lycanthropic curses, but none doubt the danger of these werebeasts.

Werebeasts tend to band together, and usually amongst their own were-specie, but on some rare ocurrences will form a brotherhood or union of cooperation amongst the cursed. If one is bitten by a lycanthrope, they can expect to become one in a lunar cycle, unless the effect is prevented by a Remove Curse. Once a character has been through a change, they will be forever affected unless cured by divine intervention.

It is rare, but some werebeasts retain their personality when changed, and thus it cannot be assumed that all lycanthropes will be dangerous. It usually is, however. One of the reasons that Changelings are so generally distrusted is that they are often assumed to be werebeasts.

There are varied werebeasts: bats, boars, bears, rats…and the dreaded werewolves. They will often attempt to hide their natures, integrating into the society around them.
Stats vary wildly, even within the same “type” of lycanthrope.

Lycanthropes are often immune to normal weaponry, and in some of the higher forms of lycanthrope, immune even to elemental damage. Silvered weapons always harm lycanthropes.

It is worth noting that Lycanthropy is something to be avoided in Lantai. It turns a being into the basest animal. (IE, no PC can try to play one a-purpose, so don't ask. There are White Wolf games for that. ;) PCs getting lycanthropy are fully controlled by Plot.)

Intel: Animal





BASILISK: The Basilisk is an example of an ultimate predator. It is at the very top of the food chain, and fortunately is rarely seen outside of dank swamps. The basilisk may well have been a created creature, and is capable of digesting nearly anything, of ingesting nearly any poison and metabolizing it with no ill effect. Its natural weapons are many…a mesmerizing magical gaze, thick scaly armor, noxious breath, mighty claws, and sharp teeth. Woe to the adventurer who finds himself face to face with a basilisk.
Intel: animal
Attacks: Claws for 8, Bite for 10, and the petrifying gaze…
Gaze: point and call stun, 20 count
Defenses: Natural Armor reduces damage by ½., immune to poison/disease. (Rumored to be immune to magic)

DRAGON: The dragon is a huge reptilian creature…wait…who doesn’t know what a dragon is? Anybody? I thought so. Ours are badass. Captain Billy Badass, thank you. They have access to spells, they have plenty of natural weaponry, and a breath weapon. Ours are territorial, but social…they know of other dragons and occasionally visit each other. They are highly intelligent. They are legendary. However, there are far less of them in the Known Lands than there used to be…long ago the Cataclysm destroyed many of them, or left them insane, unable to fend for themselves. They suffered a population decline of nearly 75%, and now many people are convinced they no longer exist.
Intel: Genius.
Attacks: Claws, spells, breath weapon, A dragon causes Fear. They simply yell out the call for a Fear spell, and instruct that all who hear it are under the affect of Fear. They can do this once per battle.
Defense: Massive natural armor. Also, immune to the element of their breath. (Red is immune to fire, etc…) Immune to mind control, fear, charm, etc. Resist magic x3 per day.

EYE TYRANT: The eye tyrants are so named for their appearance…they seem to be a large floating eyeball with a number of eyestalks, and a large maw full of sharp teeth. Eye Tyrants are rare in the civilized lands, but do appear from time to time. They are often unseen puppet masters, pulling the strings of organized crime. Theirs is a society that thrives on the creation of conflict and the collection of slaves. Eye Tyrants are exceptionally covetous of magical items, even those that they cannot use. Within the race, there are sub species that have bodies, serving the floating masters…Eye Tyrants can telepathically control up to 3 of these body slaves, thus gaining the ability to manipulate tools and perform labor.
Intel: Genius
Attack: High Magic spells, Variable “point and click” eye rays.
Defense: Resist Magic x 3, Immune to charm. They are very agile (lots of dodges)

ELEMENTAL: An Elemental is a living embodiment of one of the primary elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They each have their own natures and abilities. Elementals live for millennia, and have watched the world become what it is, and will watch it over the next few thousand years as well. Elementals, therefore, are somewhat aloof, viewing even the Fey as momentary residents of the world, and of the universe at large. Elementals become “connected” to certain places that reflect their nature, and will often be seen giving nurture to the nature of the locale.
Intel: Otherworldly

HOOK HORROR: A Hook Horror is typically a subterranean creature, although sometimes they are found summoned by mages. They have a thick exoskeleton, crab like claws, and barbs on their shell every so often, making them dangerous juggernauts in combat. They have excellent hearing, but weak eyesight. Their claws are quite formidable, able to snap a man in half.
Intel: Animal

HYDRA: The hydra is a multi-headed reptilian monster, possessed of sharp teeth and large claws on its front limbs. The hydra of Lantai cannot grow extra heads, but does have many autonomous nuggins. The hydra has a powerful bite, and is a voracious predator. Its thick hide gives it a measure of protection against slashing and piercing attacks.
Intel: Animal

SPIDER, GIANT: The giant spider is a large 8 legged freak. Naturally occurring, the giant spider is a voracious hunter, able to take down a horse or a man as a meal. Giant spiders are somewhat common, but are often hunted by goblinoids as a delicacy, especially by goblins. Alone, a giant spider is formidable. In groups, giant spiders are a horrible foe.
Intel: Animal
Attacks: Each leg can strike, poison, webs (greater entangle)
Defense: None in particular

MALAGOYLE: The Malagoyle is a strange creature, drawn to mandrake plants like moths to flame. They are immune to the poisons of mandrake, and will seek to dwell near it. Some believe that Malagoyles are a created creature that bred true, others believe that Macha created them to challenge her followers. In any case, they are fiercely territorial, and will gladly eat any flesh. Their skin is not stone, like a gargoyle, but is thick and tough, resistant sharp thorns…or even blades. Likewise, they are not affected by even the most bitter cold.
Intel: Animal

FORLORNEN: The Forlornen is somewhat humanoid in appearance. These strange creatures have evolved without the need for sleep, and indeed never do. They are, for this reason, immune to sleep effects. They are symbiotic predators, almost always territorially predating a Sedum grove, awaiting those who fall asleep. They do not feed upon folk normally, however. They seem to subsist on magical energies. None have discovered how they do this.
Intel: Animal

RUST MONSTER: Weapon: Tail on back, “pincers” on front. Tail is 5 dam, and rust strike. Pincers are 2 dam each.

VARIEGATED RUST MONSTER: Is played by 2 NPCs back to back. Weapon: Tail on back, “pincers” on front. Tail is 5 dam. Pincers are 2 dam, but will attempt to make contact with both pincers on a magic item at same time. If this is done, will call Drain Item. A drain will remove 1 bonus or enhancement (a +2 becomes +1, “of fire” becomes normal, +2 of fire becomes +1 of fire, etc.)

CARRION CRAWLER: These creatures are nasty, and have the ability to paralyze with their mighty tentacles. They will eat just about anything.