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Overview - History

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Here follows a brief historical overview of Lantai with a focus on the kingdom of Aettlund.  The year in our game is simply our current year plus 2000 years.

Years 4002-4016 mark the years of the campaign run in the barony of Fairhame, the country of Aettlund.

The Valeria Campaign starts in the year 4016.

These are things that most "people" know just by being alive in this time and place.


General History
Fairhame Campaign
Valeria Campaign

General History

400 BC: The reign of Emperor Gramnuys, on the continent of Retalia. During this time, daemons and dragons became increasingly uncommon in the world as the Wise King waged war and tamed daemonkind, banishing them from the realm. It is said that his great engine, the Trap of Eternity, still exists, though none have been able to confirm this legend.


0: The Cataclysm. As one might expect, a disaster of this magnitude, which changed the face of the world, was set as year zero for the world that came after. This disaster created widespread destruction and shook the very fabric of magic. The gates of Faerie closed and warped, kingdoms fell, and the Gods went mad for a time. Only the very oldest fey have any memory of this time, and that fuzzy at best.

This disaster created what is now known as the Twisted Lands, a blighted landscape within Aettlund’s borders torn asunder by wild magic.


0-2000: These are known as the Dark Times. Few records exist of this time. War spread like dandelions as neighboring kingdoms battled goblin races, monsters, and each other. The monstrous races prospered and fluorished in this time. Magic refused to work as it had before, and the Gods seemed unwilling to answer the prayers of their faithful. Only the dwarves and elves have any reliable records, though it is rumored that some place deep within the Megalith houses a library unrivalled in the world.


2115: The Oracles made themselves known. An order of watchers, some think them to be manifestations of the Flow of Magic. They began to issue prophecy, and to help the goodly races find their connection again to the Gods. Magic had stabilized by this time, and the years of Reconstruction began.


3364: The Kingdom of Aettlund was founded. A land that was to be devoted to the good of all goodly folk, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. This was purely successful for the first century or so. Then political intrigues began to take their course. Aettlund is still a more tolerant and diverse nation-state than most in Lantai, but is no longer the Utopian haven it was in infancy.


3414: The Black Dragons were formed. The Dragons are a very old and successful mercenary company with multiple branches in Lantai, and have fought in countless wars and conflicts.


3805: The town of Fairhame was founded by the four champions of the Company of the Rampant Heart. The mine at Bluestone was opened mere months later.


3855: The trade route from Kalabast to Spellhame was officially routed through the fledgling town of Fairhame, creating a waypoint with a market. Typical caravans carry silks, foodstuffs, crafted goods, and minor magical items from Spellhame.


3962: Thornhold raid of Erestar, repelled only with the help of the dwarves of Sunder. This was a sudden attack, the ‘Holders using their chaos magics to transport an entire army onto the field by unknown means.


3987: The neighboring kingdom of Megurru had an internal war, human against dwarf. This was a bloody affair lasting 3 years, and ending in an uneasy truce that persists today. The dwarves have their settlement at Sundhame within the mountains, and the humans their settlement on the surface of those mountains. Occassionally, there is still tension and small unsanctioned raids persist from time to time.


3989: King Gordian III is coronated into the rule of Aettlund. He is a fair and just king, though he has a taste for exotic fineries.


Fairhame Campaign


4002: A campaign was begun by Aettlund assisting neighbors in the west, Sundhame, against a horde of orcs, giants, and goblins. Volunteers were asked to rally to the banner of Aettlund and lend their steel, lest the orcan tide spread.


4005: Baron Laurent Cadmus of Fairhame took command of the Aettlunder army, leaving his son Phelan to steward the Barony. Fairhame is the pride of the Barony, and has become a hotbed of political intrigues.

This was also the year that the Great Lich Agandor broke out of his cliffside prison, and the Oracle prophecied the Fatestorm. The Dracos cult a group of people claiming to worship an ancient dragon, began to make raids on caravans in the area. A den of skaven, long thought extinct, was discovered.

At the end of 4005, the Dracos cult succeeded in summoning a great Daemon, known as Gondrack, which rampaged across the land for some months.


4006: The Daemon summoned by the cultists was finally put down at the West Waystation. The Lich Silas Silkenstrand was discovered. The Dracos cult grew in size, promising the common folk a banner under which to fight and prosper. Skaven, once thought extinct, experienced a resurgence in the land near Fairhame. Erestar experienced a massive earthquake, which was prophecied by the Oracles.

This was also the year that the Elven supremacist group the Tears of Loril became known, enacting a bold plot to hold the Steward of Fairhame for ransom.

The vampires Drianna revealed herself at this time as well, beginning an expansion out of the swamps of the Devil Moors. A rumor exists that an artifact of Gramnuys’ empire was discovered, but this has not been substantiated.


4007: A plague broke out amongst Lutinian barbarian tribes, which took a heavy toll in lives. The Thornholder invasion of Aettlund occured, centered on Fairhame. Years of destabilization work paved the way for this invasion, carried out with precision. Due to the expansion of the Savage Orc warfront in Negurru to include Aettlund’s borders, the army of Aettlund was overextended and was forced to leave Fairhame to its own fate.

Baron Laurent Cadmus was slain in battle at Sundhame.


4008: The Thornholder occupation was broken by a group of heroes, using the Gems of Fate to break the chokehold the invaders had achieved. With diminished power and suddenly vulnerable, the leaders of the invading force were wiped out.

The Deep Goblins were discovered, no longer content to live beneath the ground. Fairhame came to be administered by the Magistrate Edmund, who would prove woefully unequal to the task.


4009: This was an eventful year for Lutinia. The vampiress Drianna allied with the liches Silas Silkenstrand and Agandor, meddling in politics in Fairhame before departing for the Horanu Tract. By a quirk of law, and surely involving some political maneuvering and even outright dark magic, she would ascend to the throne of Horanu, becoming its queen. The irony of a vampire monarch over a kingdom of worshippers of Lugh is not lost on many. The beginning of her reign, while dubious, has been beneficial to the people.

This was also the year that the Dark Fey became known, revealing that the Fey have a second race, dark of heart and black of spirit. Those few in the world had been in a 4000 year slumber from the time of the Cataclysm, some strange quirk of magic left from that dark time. Scholars and fey have discovered that in the lands of Faerie, once cut off by the lack of Fey Gates, there are two courts of Faerie…the Seelie and the Unseelie, given to light and dark respectively. This leads some to posit an explanation of the Night Of Darkness that Fey experience annually.


4010: Fairhame experienced a werewolf incursion. It has become common knowledge that King Gordian III has no heir, and by the laws of Aettlund, one of the nobles must be selected. Phelan Cadmus, Laurent’s son, is one of the 3 candidates for the throne, alongside Tarron Aric of Virgis and Krulen Sarif of Spellhame.

Agandor was, at long last, permanently destroyed, and the Gems of Fate were re-made and hidden away.


4011: Thus began the Year of Peace, a year that in Lutinia was noteworthy for its lack of war, a time of recovery. Retalia still suffered war in her southern region, but even this became less bloody for a time, as Hyronia paused its expansion to consolidate and entrench. Frelldis and Galin’s Gate likely owe their existence to this unexpected reprieve.


4016: Phelan Cadmus, Baron of Fairhame, son of Lorrent Cadmus is crowned King of Aettlund along side his Queen Bride, Brenna York Cadmus of Aettgard.  Upon the coronation, it was said that Queen Brenna was carrying not one but two royal babies. A time of peace and a renaissance crossed the beautiful land of Aettlund.


Valeria Campaign