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Overview - Valeria

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Societal and Geographical


Welcome to Valeria!

Valeria is ruled by co-Regents, twin brother and sister, Rhojurn and Raisira. They are not mere figureheads; they are involved with the day to day affairs of the country. While they are the top echelon of the country, they do not go it alone. Instead they rely on the heads of the ruling houses for input and criticisms regarding the direction of Valeria. The ruling houses represent different aspects of life in Valeria – armor, weapons, archery, arcane and divine magics and merchants. The co-Regents also hear from representatives of the Collegium, the Wondermakers, and the Temple of the Four. This allows for all the major players in Valeria to be heard and has created a fair and just system of rule.

The ruling houses are not guaranteed their place among the counsel with the co-Regents, instead, they have to earn their position and can be usurped by another house at any time. Often times this is not done through force, but more through negotiation, as several of the past ruling houses have been absorbed into the current ones. Most of the ruling houses are open houses, meaning that to be on the council for that particular house is an earned privilege, not a birthright. The current exception to this notion is the ruling Merchant house, House Quinth.  House Quinth does not accept outsiders into their trade, only employing non-family members as household help.

Ruling Houses

In addition to the regents, there is a council that helps to rule Valeria. Each house has a specialty and a head of house.

House A'el'thy'ish: Specializes in crafting armor; ruled by a council of elves, each representing a different elf type; Head of house: Siressa

House Aronem: Trains archers and scouts; crafts the finest bows and arrows in Valeria; Head of house, Ogyn Aronem

House Oresmith: Specializes in crafting weapons; dwarven house; employ a clan of fey to sell their wares; Head of house, Gemma Oresmith

House Quinth: Merchant house; only accepts family members into house; Head of house, Halthir Quinth

House Savantius: Arcane house; consists of three branches, bardic, mage, necromancy; each branch has a head; Head of bard, Alni Savantius; Head of mage, Prevni Savantius the Seventh; head of necromancy, Treti Savantius

House Seraphic: Divine house that welcomes all faiths; openly accepts shamans and clerics but anyone that passes a test of faith may join; Head of clerics, Glasha Crothu; Head of shamans, Wren Graylight




Founding of Valeria


The Laws of Valeria





  • Taking the life of another is not tolerated, if they are of a goodly race or placed under the protection of the Regents. The extermination of aggressive monsters is the exception. Additionally, if both combatants are armed and both are aware the fight is about to take place (in such occasions as a duel or other such honorable combat), then the kill is “clean”. Suspected murderers are imprisoned and given a trial. Typical punishment is being put to death.
  • Stealing someone’s property is considered thievery, and is an offense leading to imprisonment. Looting slain monstrous creatures and other aggressive creatures is tolerated.
  • All citizens of Valeria shall pay taxes to the nation. Someone avoiding taxes will be given an opportunity to make good on their debts. After that opportunity, they will be judged by the justice system.
  • Valeria will not tolerate desertion, this includes deserting the army, as well as any other official post. This crime is most grievous. Deserters are dragged before the justice system to be judged and hung before a crowd.
  • Entering unbidden is not a crime. Taking something while you’re there is. Trespassing occurs if you’ve been asked to leave by the rightful owner and you do not. Trespassing also occurs if you had to get enter by force be it picking or breaking locks, ignoring a do not enter sign, attacking guards, et cetra. Trespassing is illegal, and can land you in gaol for a night.
  • Armed robbery is forbidden and death during such activities through self-defense of the attacked party is not considered murder. Those claiming self-defense may be interviewed under truth spell to ascertain if they were in the right. Those injured but not killed should be turned into the proper authorities for justice to be served.
  • Trade shall be fair. Merchants may not take undue measures to influence the market. Competition in the marketplace is encouraged, but it shall not be done via underhanded means.
  • No sentient being may be owned by another being in Valeria. Slave trade is not allowed within the borders of Valeria.