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Overview - Races

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Barbarian Dark Elf Dwarf Elf Fey Gre'shal | Half-Ogre Half-Orc Human Tuatran

Barbarian  top

The barbarians are technically human, but have evolved away from "proper culture", dealing with the harsh realities of the wilderness of Lantai on a day-to-day basis. There are many tribes in many lands of Lantai, consisting of tough nomads who claim their land as their own, surviving in the toughest of conditions. Thus they tend to be strong and quite hardy, but insular and distrustful of strangers and magic, and especially so of magical strangers.


Barbarians gain one more health per purchase and may purchase Barbaric Fury as a skill. However, barbarians may not be mages, necromancers, or archers, and will pay more for scholar skills. To play a barbarian, one must costume as such, with a plainly visible tribal fetish represented or painted on flesh.

Dark Elf top

A society of elves that evolved in the dark jungles of Pataoco. They are black skinned, as the vast rain forests are nearly always dark as night. Many make the mistaken assumption that all Dark Elves are evil, this is not so…although the dangers of the jungles make death a constant threat and companion, and many dark elven magic users are necromancers.
Dark elves may resist magic twice per day, and purchase bow at a lower cost. They are vulnerable in the daylight, though, losing 1 health/purchase in the day, and may not use 2 handed weapons (excepting staff/polearm).  All exposed skin should be black, and pointed ears are also required. White hair is suggested but not necessary. As an alternative dark elves may be played very pale, using makeup to lighten tone rather than darken.

Dwarf top

The dwarves are one of the elder races, and are a clannish society, proud and patient. They are the children of stone, know throughout Lantai as minders, crafters, smiths, and artisans of great skill. There are few craftsmen as skilled. Dwarves are also typically fierce warriors, tough as the stone they were once born of.


Dwarves may resist magic once per day, purchase smithing skills at a lower cost, and gain one extra health per purchase. However, they may not use bows or polearms, and pay more for scholar and mage skills. To play a dwarf, one doesn't have to be short, but one must wear a beard, real or fake.  Women may wear braids to signify their dwarven race.

Elf top

The elves are an elder race at home with woodlands and nature. They are the children of the stars, long lived and graceful. Many are accomplished scholars, woodsmen, and artisans. The elves also have a predisposition toward the use of magic.

Elves can resist charm or sleep once per day and purchase bow skill at a lower cost. Elves may not use two handed weapons, with the exception of staff/polearm, and may not purchase Feat of Strength as a skill. To play an elf, one must represent pointed ears.

Fey top

The Fey are descendents of the Faeries of legend. Long ago in the Cataclysm, great waves of magic wreaked havoc upon the world. Almost all of the Faerie Gates were closed or destroyed, trapping many Faeries in this world. It is the dream of the Fey to find their way home, to reopen the Gates. There are many, however, who over the centuries have assimilated into the societies across the face of Lantai. Fey are weak physically, but magically powerful and quite nimble.

Fey gain 2 extra magic per purchase of the skill, and can disable traps and pick locks in a shorter time than other rogues. Fey have 2 less health per purchase of the skill, and cannot use 2 handed weapons. To play a Fey, one must represent horns, pointed ears, and/or wings.

Gre'shal top

A feline race from the Rralr'katta Reaches, a mountainous area. There are two castes of Gre'shal, warrior and artisan. The warrior caste resemble great jungle cats in appearance, while the artisan caste resemble smaller cats like lynxes and ocelots. Gre'shal are often enigmatic, being playful yet fierce, seeming aloof but having deep loyalties. Their innate curiosity leads them quite easily to lives of adventure.

To play a Gre'shal, one must represent feline features through the use of makeup.

Half-Ogre top

Much like half-orcs in the way they come to be, half-ogres are stronger than their smaller counterparts, but less intelligent on the whole. Half-Ogres are at an even greater disadvantage societally, since few accept such a child.

Half-Ogres gain 2 extra health per purchase of the skill and start with one Feat of Strength at no cost, but may not be Mages, Clerics, or Necromancers. Half Ogres are mighty and gain a damage bonus of +1 to any weapon they have the skill to wield.  They pay double cost for Mage, Scholar, and Rogue skills. To play a Half-Ogre, all exposed skin must be tinged red with makeup, and ugly prosthetics are a plus, though not required.

Half-Orc top

The product of a union between human and orc, quite often of involuntary circumstances. Their orc blood puts them at a serious social disadvantage, but does predispose them toward great careers as warriors and bodyguards.

Half-orcs gain one extra health per purchase, and start with one Feat of Strength at no cost, but must pay double for scholar and mage skills. To play a half-orc, one's exposed skin must have a green hue, and one can improve the look with prosthetics and tusks. Alternately, one may choose to look like the brown orcs and uruk-hai from the popular Lord of the Rings films.

Human top

The human race is a younger race in Lantai, with a fairly short life span compared to the elder races. The humans are quite diverse, with differing cultures and kingdoms.

There are no specific advantages or disadvantages to playing a human, although costuming one is easier than other races.

Tuatran top

A reptilian race from near the Gidry Mountains. They have a tribal society that is matriarchal in nature. Tuatrans are, as a race, inquisitive in nature…they talk little and listen much. Many are accomplished scholars and mages.

Tuatrans may use claw boffers for 2 damage, and have a natural elemental armor which confers a damage reduction to one element. However, a cold based damage will send a Tuatran into a torpor, in which they must lay still for a count equal to 1/2 the cold damage dealt. To play a Tuatran, scales must be represented on all exposed skin. Prosthetics are again a plus, but not required.